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Custom Eco-Print

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As an artist, I love creating unique one of a kind pieces through the collections I put out each Full & New Moon. However, it excites me to also customize treasures of your own through an intimate collaboration. 

I have an abundance of pressed flowers from my garden, from the mountains around me and from ethical suppliers. Let me create the piece of your dreams, adorned in flowers and leaves! 

Overview of the process:

1. Select which option applies to you based on the size of your garment (the price includes the shipping I will use to deliver your garment back to you)

2. Once you place your order, I will send you an email where we can chat about the vision you hold for your treasured garment. I will let you know what flowers I have in stock and we can create the vision together.

3. You will ship me your piece and I will begin the magic! Each piece will take up to a week of production time.


-all garments and fabrics MUST be 100% natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk)

-Eco-printing reveals a magic of it's own and is hard to control the outcome. We will discuss the vision, but once the garment is in the dye pot, anything can happen (in the most beautiful way!!)