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Rooted Botanics

Logwood Eco-Printed Silk Tank

Dyed with Logwood

Cool tones are elusive in the plant dye world, and logwood is one of few plant materials that achieves this with little effort. Logwood is harvested from the heartwood of the tree, and achieves a range of purples to midnight blues without modification. With the addition of iron, the purples shift towards the color of a cloudless night sky.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition

Best Fit: Medium

Chest: 19" flat

Length: 24"

Care Instructions: Due to the nature of plant dyes, color may fade over time. In many cases, the fades and color shifts adds to the beauty and history of these garments. Please wash on cold with similar colors. For garments dyed with indigo, wash separately the first two wash cycles as indigo may bleed more than other plant dyes. Lay garments flat to dry, and do not lay in direct sun. PH neutral detergent is best, we recommend 7th generation as both a detergent and fabric softener.

All Rooted Botanics pieces are hand dyed, vintage, & pre-loved. As such, there may be some variation in color throughout, making each piece unique and beautiful in it's own way. Any major spotting or garment defects will be noted or photographed.

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