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Creating Watercolors From Dye Plants Workshop

In this class, participants will be walked through the multi day process of turning leftover plant dye baths into watercolors pigments!

Participants will take home a tin of 6 different watercolor pigments that are all derived from the lake pigments created from leftover dye baths.

Because this process typically takes about three days from start to finish, we will discuss the lessons in patience we learn while working with the plants to create something beautiful.

In our workshop, we will go through each step, however, we will also bring all components of each step ready so we can do this workshop in 3-4 hours.

Using the leftover dye baths is a beautiful way to extend the offerings each plant gives to us when working with plant dyes. It’s a beautiful way to honor the plants.

When: Sunday January 22nd 

Time: 11pm-3pm

Location will be at our studio here in Topanga & address will be emailed a few days before the workshop!