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Local Mushroom & Plant Walk

Join us for a morning in the mountains of Topanga as we learn to identify Jack O' Lantern mushrooms & how you we can use them to dye fabric! 

Brando Farr is a Topanga Local mushroom forager and chef that seeks to connect community with the spirit and medicine of ecology! He is full of knowledge and will guide us through the mountains as we learn all about Jack O' lantern mushrooms & other local species

Allie & Sarah of Rooted Botanics will contribute with teaching the process of dyeing with Jack O' lantern mushrooms! They will be bringing examples and swatches & walking students through the process so they can better understand magic of the special local mushroom. They will also be identifying other local and native plants that you can use for natural dyeing!

Spend a few hours with us on a beautiful walk in the vibrant green mountains as we chat and learn as a group!