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Plant Dyer's Field Journal

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This journal has been a long time coming & I am just SO excited to share it with ya’ll!

The idea stemmed from my own dyer’s field journal. A journal containing a rainbow of swatches, messy notes and recipes, paint samples and more. I would bring this journal with me to markets and workshops to show people examples of what magic is possible with the flowers, trees, and barks of this potent land. People were always drawn to it and it was a beautiful conversation starter on a topic I am so passionate about. This led me to wanting to create a special and beautiful custom journal for you all to explore your curiosities and inspire you to keep this conversation alive.

& of course, if you aren’t a plant dyer and are just here for the musings, then this journal is also beautiful for general note taking and sketching, plant dyer not required!

The first few pages of the journal are thoughtfully designed with a scanned library of my own swatches, illustrations I made of the plants I work with most, a palette of color possibilities with my plant paint set, & scanned pressed flowers that are from my garden/foraged for in my local mountains. The rest of the journal is blank for you to create with!


100 page journal

6" x 8"